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Artwork | Tracklist | Credits
Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Cameron Graves: piano, vocals

Ronald Bruner, Jr.: drums

Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner: bass (5, 7)

Philip Dizack: trumpet

Hadrien Feraud: bass (1-4, 6, 8)

Ryan Porter: trombone

Kamasi Washington: tenor saxophone 

Cameron Graves

Planetary Prince - Vinyl LP

Cameron Graves is a pivotal figure ushering in a seismic shift within the jazz landscape and the game-changing arrival of the genre-blurring Los Angeles West Coast Get Down collective. With the release of Planetary Prince, the debut album by visionary pianist, keyboardist, composer and West Coast Get Down founding member, Cameron Graves, continues the evolution sparked by the 2015 release of Kamasi Washington's The Epic.

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