Cyrille Aimée - Move On: A Sondheim Adventure

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Cyrille Aimée: Move On-A Sondheim Adventure


For her first few albums, optimistic sounding vocalist Cyrille Aimee’ has been part of a bohemian gypsy swing team with a wholistic sound. She has recently had a good terms departure with her longtime friends and bandmates, testing new worlds and sounds on this new album. It was a wise and courageous choice, exemplified by this strong collection of interpretations of the Stephen Sondheim songbook.

She mixes and matches musicians, with the most core team of Assaf Gleizner/p, Jeremy Bruyere/b, and Yoan Serra/dr giving a rich and sophisticated feel to the material. But she shows that she’s in for doing something different on the opening salvo “When I Get Famous” as she multi-tracks the swinging a capella piece. There are some cozy trio tracks such as “Not While I’m Around” and “ Loving You” which has her both sensuous and girl-next-door. She then shows her moxie and confidence in a series of duets; “Take Me Two the World” with Serra is a deft delight while her duet with Bruyere on “They Ask Why I Believe In You” is both flexible and bohemian and the duet with nylon guitarist Diego Figueredo is soft and delicate.

Some works with strings create an almost soundtrack feel during “Marry Me A Little” and “Being Alive” with a bit of experimentation taking place with some effects and sax work by Warren Walker making “I Remember” a nourish contemplation. Aimee’ steps out here, and she is sure footed.

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Move On: A Sondheim Adventure

Cyrille Aimée #: MAC1144 RELEASED: 02/22/19