Hear Now: 5 New Jazz Albums You Need to Check Out

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Hear Now: 5 New Jazz Albums You Need to Check Out


Julian Lage, Arclight (March 11, Mack Avenue Records)

The album starts with a slightly modified rock beat (“Fortune Teller”), and digs in from there -- an emphasis on melody and a lack of politeness set help Lage set himself apart from jazz guitar’s often florid tradition. Notes of prog stay “jazzy” with the sparse ensemble, while Lage’s lyric gift leaves the listener with melodies likely to endure even after just one listen. Even “Nocturne,” though gentle, won’t necessarily lull you to sleep (though it’s not out of the question the song could end up alongside Ed Sheeran on some tactical Spotify playlist). Lage’s inventive arrangements will engage even the most intimidated of jazz listeners, and his omnivorous, memorable flights will keep them on the hook.

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Julian Lage #: MAC1107 RELEASED: 03/11/16