Oprah catches up with Philly's Kevin Eubanks on 'Where Are They Now?'

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Oprah catches up with Philly’s Kevin Eubanks on ‘Where Are They Now?’


The popular and informative OWN series, “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” continues at 10 p.m. Saturday with an episode featuring Kevin Eubanks, one of Philadelphia’s favorite sons, and the former band leader of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The show also features updates on money expert Suze Orman, “Ferris Bueller’s” hypochondriac best friend and actor Alan Ruck, TV pitchman Paul Marcarelli and former child star Karolyn Grimes.

In a particularly timely testimony, Eubanks, who was inducted onto the Philadelphia Music Alliance’s prestigious Walk of Fame in 2010, observes that the short walk across the stage before a nationally televised interview on a late-night talk show can be a borderline out-of-body experience, even for someone with years of experience appearing before the public.

According to the network, Eubanks, who left the “Tonight Show” on May 28, 2010, recalls an appearance by Hillary Clinton, who recently was the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. For one of Clinton’s appearances, Eubanks tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” she requested a particular song to be played while she walked on stage, which was standard procedure on “The Tonight Show.” There was just one problem, Eubanks says. She didn’t recognize the song when the band played it.

The band leader says he was shocked, and maintains that the band had played the correct song.

“What happens when people come out, you know, and they’re not used to being on the show sometimes, even somebody as steeped in politics as Hillary Clinton, when you’re on an entertainment show, variety show or something like that, nobody hears anything. From the time they come out and walk across the stage and sit down, it’s like a blank moment. The applause is going crazy. The lights are flickering. The band is playing.”

Ultimately, Eubanks says, someone from Clinton’s team called to apologize after watching the appearance on tape. For Kevin, it just illustrates how surreal such moments can be for people. “That moment when you come out and then you sit down — that’s like a blank 15 seconds.”

Read the full piece from: The Philadelphia Tribune

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