Premiere: The Soul Rebels Dish On ‘Real Life’ In New Video

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Premiere: The Soul Rebels Dish On ‘Real Life’ In New Video


New Orleans brass ensemble The Soul Rebels are gearing up to release a brand new full-length album, titled Poetry In Motion, on October 25. To aid in its promotional efforts, the group is premiering a second new single and its accompanying music video, directed by Leff at Vincent Lou Films.

“It's about having a dream and bringing it to life,” trumpet player Marcus Hubbard says of “Real Life.” “A lot of times people have dreams and don't believe they can really happen. This is telling you to believe in your dreams and go after them. Don't worry about outside influences or what people are saying.

"It's also about going through real life circumstances,” Hubbard adds, “and having to make decisions to keep pushing forward and fighting for what you believe in in life. In life we are faced with hard times, challenges and moments that test our strength. The song is about dealing with hardship and coming out strong on the other side. It's a reflective song.”

Utilizing the strongest elements of funk, soul and hip-hop, The Soul Rebels have crafted a truly memorable modern offering that’s full of old-school spirit and charm. Its explosive rap verses only add to its effect as one of the best songs of 2019.

You can view The Soul Rebels’ video for “Real Life” below.

The Soul Rebels have several live performances lined up into 2020. You can view the group’s dates on their website.

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