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Ringer of the Week: Dave Bennett “Blood Moon”


Clarinetist Dave Bennett brings the clarinet out of its Swing Era past and gives it a modern yet melodic environment as he teams up with producer Shelly Berger for eleven well chosen or co-crafted tunes.

The simpatico team of Dave Restivo/p, Reg Schwager/g, Jim Vivian/b, Pete Siers/dr and Davide DiRenzo/perc deliver an autumnal and pastoral mood here, starting with the nocturnal title track which features Bennett’s Waterford crystal clear tone as well as the agonizing and melancholy “A Long Goodbye” that is like a cry into the night.

Bennett shows that he’s got the chops, however, tearing through the mercurial “13 Fingers” like a hot knife in butter, while “Falling Sky” takes you on a journey beginning with earthy blues and landing on a misty cloud, and the closing “Heavy Heart” floats like a dark nimbus before the storm.

This guy has a lot to say, and he says it well. Any trips to So Cal?

Read the full piece from: Jazz Weekly

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Blood Moon

Dave Bennett #: MAC1126 RELEASED: 10/20/17