Rising Cuban Jazz Star Shines at Old Lyme Jazz Club

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Rising Cuban Jazz Star Shines at Old Lyme Jazz Club


“Oh yes, the transition from classical studies to playing jazz was very hard for me. I was scared of improvising, scared of not having the written music of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart right in front of me. I had always been playing classical music, which was pretty much all that I did until I was 18,” Lopez-Nussa said by phone from Paris, a stop on his international promotional tour that includes an encore appearance at Old Lyme’s nationally acclaimed Side Door Jazz Club.

“One day my older brother said to me, ‘What are you afraid of, Harold? Just sit down and play,’” the pianist recalled of his older brother’s pragmatic prescription for conquering his fear of improvising without the safety net of having the written music of the masters right there to read from.

“But today,” he added, “I love that challenge. I love the idea that you don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s very exciting,” he said of creating music in the moment. Especially, his robust brand of jazz rooted in Cuba’s rich musical traditions, grooving high and free on Afro-Cuban rhythms, an array of various genres and, of course, his own originality and resourcefulness as a performer and composer. 

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