Steve Cole "Turn It Up" [Review: Smooth Jazz Magazine]

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Steve Cole “Turn It Up” [Review: Smooth Jazz Magazine]


It's classic Cole on "Turn It Up" and "She's The One." His signature sax harmonies and up-beat melodies take over and has just the right snap and sauciness to have you craving more.

"Reverence" slows it down a bit (or one may think). If you listen really carefully you'll hear every note from every instrument; from the acoustical guitar peeping through, to the soft beats and percussion. Then there's Steve coming in strong on sax. One of the things I like about Steve, he can make it sound as soft and sexy as you want (remember "Stay Awhile" from his 1998 debut CD) or he can go strong and blow you away. That takes talent, and talent he has!

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Steve Cole #: ART7048 RELEASED: 07/15/16