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Wynton Marsalis and Christian McBride Wow The Crowd at Inside The Jazz Note


The chemistry between McBride and Marsalis, who first met when McBride was still in high school and Marsalis, in his 20s, was already a rising star. Marsalis recognized McBride’s talent, saying how he knew when he saw McBride play that he was going to be amazing talent because no one else was playing bass like McBride. The mutual respect and admiration the two had was poignant as was Marsalis’ sharing of his own musical journey, including experiences growing up and some of the obstacles he encountered (as well as some funny anecdotes about Marsalis’ mother).

Marsalis shared what it was like growing up in New Orleans and how he decided to leave to attend Juilliard. “I didn’t like all the racism,” says Marsalis of coming up in New Orleans. “I grew up in segregation and I didn’t like to be messed with or disrespected on any level. The disrespect was too much.”

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