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Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Alex Acuña – Percussion (2,7,9,11,13)

Bill Armstrong – Trumpet (8,13)

David Benoit – Piano (9)

Brian Bromberg – Hollow Body Piccolo Bass (1,2,4,6,9,10,13), Acoustic Bass (1,6,11,13), Piccolo Bass (1~3,7,8), Tenor Bass (1,3,4,6,8,10), 5 String Bass (2~5,7), 4 String Bass (2,8), Acoustic Piccolo Bass (3,5~7,11,13), Programming (4,5,10,11), Drum (5), Additional Keyboards (5), BSX Electric Upright Bass (9), Nylon String Piccolo Bass (11), Soundscape (12,13)

Brian Culbertson – Piano (6)

Richard Elliot – Tenor Sax (5)

Lisa Fischer – Vocals (12,13)

Dave Kochanski – Keyboards (1,3,5,7,10), Programming (1,3,5,7,10), Piano (7)

Jeff Lorber – Keyboards (2,4,6,8), Programming (2,4,6,8)

Gary Meek – Tenor Sax (1,2,7,8), Soprano Sax (13)

Eric Merienthal – Alto Sax (3)

Kelly Moneymaker – Vocals (1)

Dave Ryan – Trombone (8,13)

String Section (1,2,7~9,11,13)

Joel Taylor – Drums (1~3,6,7~9,11,13)

Roger Treece – Vocals (12,13), Vocal Arrangement (12)

Tom Zink – Keyboards (3,9,11,13), Programming (9,11,13), Piano (11,13)

String Section:

Benedikt Fischer

J’Anna Jacoby

Eugene Mechtovich

Sarah O’Brien

Erika Walczak

Alwyn Wright

Brian Bromberg


Brian Bromberg’s career began as a teenager backing saxophonist Stan Getz. In the nearly forty years since and over 20 projects in his catalog, Bromberg has established himself as a first-call master of the upright as well as electric basses, releasing more than 20 albums globally as a leader and providing low-end for the likes of Chris Botti, Lee Ritenour and Michael Bublé.

“Thicker Than Water is a record I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time,” says the dynamic bass virtuoso Brian Bromberg. “I love the upright bass. It’s where my heart and soul is. My connection with that instrument is unlike anything in my life. I also love the electric bass and really wanted to explore its endless possibilities on this project.” That love of the bass is evident across the wide-range of irresistible grooves found on Thicker Than Water, available July 13 on Artistry Music.

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