The Ultimate Gift

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Keith Crouch – Drums (7), Background Vocals (7,9), Programming (9), Keyboards (9), Keybass (9)

Derrick Edmondson – Saxophone (9)

Amritha Fernandez-Bakshi – Violins (3,5), String Arrangement (5)

Jamey Jaz – Programming (1~4,6,8,10), Keyboards (1,2,4,6,8,10), Guitars (2), Keybass (3,5), Piano (3,5)

Will Miller – Trumpet (9)

Cornelius Mims – Bass (1,4,6,8,10)

Jarius Mozee – Guitars (1,4,6,8,10)

Rahsaan Patterson – Vocals (1,3,4,6,8,10), Background Vocals (2,7,9)

Rasha Patterson-Quinones – Background Vocals (2)

Joe Tepperman – Trombone (4)

Derrick “D*Loc” Walker – Drums (7), Background Vocals (7)

LaTina Webb – Background Vocals (7)

Rahsaan Patterson

The Ultimate Gift

Critically acclaimed singer and songwriter Rahsaan Patterson hails the holiday season with his first-ever Christmas CD, titled The Ultimate Gift. Putting aside notions of snowfalls and sleigh bells, Santa Claus and solemn carols, Patterson offers a modern version of Christmas spirit that focuses on the twin virtues of gratitude and grace on this Artistry Music release.

“As an artist,” he says thoughtfully, “you know that influence and inspiration come from any and everything. And just how much something influences and inspires you can’t really be put into words and it can happen so quickly. You don’t even have to study it. You can see it, read it one time, hear it one time and it’s a part of your fiber. Longtime fans have watched Rah grow from the skinny, wide-eyed boy with the big eyes and bigger voice on the classic children’s show “Kids Incorporated” to one of the most influential yet underrated soul men on the planet. 

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