Lil' Man Soul

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Eric Baines – Bass (4)

Darrell Crooks – Electric Guitar (1,4~7,12), Acoustic Guitar (8)

Chuck Cymone – Keyboards (10), Piano (10), Synth Bass (10), Drum Programming (10), Acoustic Guitar (10), Pads (10), Percussion (10)

Matt Hamel – Vocals (7)

Jackiem Joyner – Keyboards (1,2,4,7~9), Percussion (1~4,6~9,11,12), Saxes (1~12), Pads (1~9,11,12), Bells (1,6), Synth Brass Instruments (1,3), Drum Programming (2~5,7~9,11,12), Flutes (2,12), Synth Bass (2,3,5~9,11,12), Piano (3,5,6,7,12), Congas (5), Rhodes Keyboard (11), Organ (12)

Stephon Lexnor – Electric Guitar (11)

Kayta Matsuno – Acoustic Guitar (2,4), Electric Guitar (3)

Steve Reid – Percussion (5)

Eric Valentine – Drums (1)

Tom Witt – Bass (1)

Jackiem Joyner

Lil' Man Soul

Back when Jackiem Joyner was gigging on tour with Marcus Johnson and Bobby Lyle from 2001-2004, the two contemporary jazz keyboard greats came up with the perfect nickname for the rising saxman and his ultra-sensual, easy flowing vibe. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” they’d shout out, “give it up for Lil’ Man Soul!”

“Music evolves, including jazz. All types of sound evolve. So do people and our imaginations. That is what I tried to put on tape. Evolve captures the changes in my musical mind and how I have evolved as an artist,” explains award-winning saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Jackiem Joyner about his fifth album and first collection on which he wrote, produced and arranged all 11 songs.

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