Rock Steady

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Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Gerald Albright – Bass Guitar (2), Tenor And Alto Sax (2)

Rick Braun – Trumpet (1,2,6,8,9,11), Strings And Programming (1), Keyboards (5)

Christiane Braun – Hand Claps (1)

Emma Braun – Hand Claps (1)

Kyle Braun – Hand Claps (1)

Luis Conte – Percussion (1~11)

Richard Elliot – Tenor Sax (1~11)

Lynne Fiddmont – Vocals (8)

Tim Gant – Keyboards (3), Synth Bass And Programming (3)

Birgit Kempf – Hand Claps (1)

Nick Lane – Trombone (1,8,11)

Ricky Lawson – Drums (1~11)

Jeff Lorber – Keyboards (2,6), Programming (6)

Nate Phillips – Bass (1,4,5,7~11)

Ron Reinhardt – Keyboards (1,4,8,10,11)

Gabriella Reinschmidt – Hand Claps (1)

Philippe Saisse – Keyboards (7,9), Programming (9)

Dwight Sills – Guitar (1~11)

Richard Elliot

Rock Steady

Where do you go from #1? If you’re veteran saxophonist Richard Elliot, long known as the “James Brown of Contemporary Jazz” for the intense soul inspirations of his recordings, a relentless tour schedule and joyfully exhausting onstage performances, you dig deep into your R&B/jazz roots.

The reigning merchant of Soul Jazz, Richard Elliot invites loyal fans and newcomers alike to celebrate 25 years since the release of his debut album Trolltown. Where’s the party? Where else—In the Zone, a grooving, funked up, horn splashed collection that finds the energized-as-ever tenor saxophonist paying homage to the pioneering instrumental artists of his formative years (‘70s-early ‘80s) whose brilliance and musical innovations inspired his own.

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