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Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Keith Crouch – Keyboards (1,3,4,9,10), Synth Bass (1,3,4,8,10,11), Clavinet (1,4,13), Drum Programming (1,3,4,9~11), Background Vocal Arrangements (3,5), All instruments Except Horns (5), Horn Arrangements (5), Background Vocals (8), Keyboards and Drum Programming (8), Stings (9), Cymbals (9)

Andrae Crouch and The Andrae Crouch Singers – Choir (9)

Javod Day – Piano and Strings (1), Fender Rhodes (4,10), Piano (9)

Derrick Edmondson – Saxophone (1)

Faith Evans – Background Vocals (3)

Lalah Hathaway – Background Vocals (11), Keyboards (11), Synth Bass (11,13), Background Vocal Arrangement (11)

Jamey Jaz – Keyboards and Drum Programming (2,7,12), Guitar (2), Syth Bass (2,12), Live Bass (2), Strings (7)

Jimmy Keegan – Live Drums (7), Live Drum Over Dubs (12)

Jairus Mozee – Guitar (2,7,12)

Rahsaan Patterson – All Vocals (1,4,6,7,10,12,13), Lead Vocals (2,3,5,8,9,11), Background Vocals (2,5,8,9,11), Musical Arrangement (1), Keyboards (1,3,4,6,9~11), Synth Bass (1,2,4,9,10,12,13), Drum Programming (1,3,4,9,10,11,13), Horn Arrangements (1), Background Vocal Arrangements (3,5,11), Vocal Arrangements (4,8,10), Keyboards and Drum Programming (2,7,8,12)

Erik Reichers – Keyboards (13)

Jessica Reichers – Flutes (13)

Lior Ron – Trumpet (1,5)

John "Jubu" Smith – Guitar (3,4)

Táta Vega – Guest Vocals (9)

Derrick "D*Loc" Walker – Percussion (3,4), Hi Hat (10)

Jody Watley – Background Vocals (2), Spoken Voice (2)

LaTina Webb – Background Vocals (5)

Shanice Wilson – Guest Vocals (3)

Rahsaan Patterson


With Bleuphoria, coming almost four years after 2007’s cult favorite Wines & Spirits and three years after his acclaimed 2008 Christmas album The Ultimate Gift (played year-round by the devoted), fans are getting synthesis and evolution of all that’s come before—left-field experimentation, center-field grooves and soulful meditations on inner and outer space.

“As an artist,” he says thoughtfully, “you know that influence and inspiration come from any and everything. And just how much something influences and inspires you can’t really be put into words and it can happen so quickly. You don’t even have to study it. You can see it, read it one time, hear it one time and it’s a part of your fiber. Longtime fans have watched Rah grow from the skinny, wide-eyed boy with the big eyes and bigger voice on the classic children’s show “Kids Incorporated” to one of the most influential yet underrated soul men on the planet. 

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