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Brian Bromberg - Carvin B25 Five String Bass (1~3,5~10), Tenor Bass (1,6,9,10), Piccolo Bass (1~3,5~10), Vocals (1~3,7,8), Carvin B24 Four String Fretless Bass (2,3,5,7~10), Upright Bass (4), Steel String Acoustic Piccolo Bass (4,5,7), BSX Electric Upright Bass (7), Carvin B24 Four String Bass (6,10)

Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums (1~10)

Tom Mccauley - Vocals (1~3,7,8)

Bruce Stone - Vocals (1~3,7,8)

Brian Bromberg

Bromberg Plays Hendrix

The collection rocks hard as Bromberg innovatively crafted smoldering versions of Hendrix’s hallmark hits including “Fire,” “Manic Depression,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” “All Along The Watchtower,” “Foxey Lady” and “Purple Haze.” “It sounds live yet it was all overdubs.

“A few really amazing things happened to me when I was recording those tracks with my father; those tracks originally were recorded before I was born, so it was such a trip playing with my Dad before I was even on this planet! When I was playing with him I realized at that moment where I got my time feel and swing from, it was effortless to play with him, mind-blowing actually."

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