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Gerald Albright – Tenor Saxophone (10)

Tim Bailey – Bass Guitar (3,4,10)

Kyle Bolden – Electric Guitar (3)

Matt Hamel – All Instruments Except Saxophone (8)

Raymond Johnson – Drums (4,10)

Jackiem Joyner – Saxophone And Other All Instruments, Programming And Arrangements (5,7,9,11), String Arrangements And Drum Programming (1~3,5,6,9), String Arrangements (4,11), Piano (11)

Keiko Matsui – Piano (2)

Kayta Matsuno – Electric Guitar (1,2,4,6,10)

Paul Nowell – Trombone (4)

Ilya Serov – Trumpet (4)

Bill Steinway – Keyboards (4,10)

Jackiem Joyner


Rather than fitting in with the traditional, I’m bringing the audience along with songs that unfold over different and interesting soundscapes even as I move towards a live organic sound.

“Music evolves, including jazz. All types of sound evolve. So do people and our imaginations. That is what I tried to put on tape. Evolve captures the changes in my musical mind and how I have evolved as an artist,” explains award-winning saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Jackiem Joyner about his fifth album and first collection on which he wrote, produced and arranged all 11 songs.

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