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Daniel Bailen – Acoustic Electric Bass (3), Background Vocals (3), Hand Claps (3)

David Bailen – Percussion (3), Background Vocals (3), Hand Claps (3), Drums (9)

Richard Bona – Electric Bass (10), Percussion (10)

Richard Hammond – Upright Bass (5,8,11,12)

Götz Kujack – Chekeré (1)

Raul Midón – Steel Guitar (1,8,9,12,13,14), Charango (1), Acoustic Electric Bass (1,2,6,9), Vocals (1~14), Bombo (1,6,10), Shakers (1,2,5,6,8,10,12), Acoustic Guitar (2,3,5,6,7,11,13), Guitar Synth (2), Programming (2,6,8,11,12), Bongos (2,5,6,10,12), Mouth Trumpet (3,12), Percussion (3,4,11), Hand Claps (3), Nylon Guitar (1,4,8,10,12), Electric Guitar (4,5,11), Background Vocals (5), Roland Piano (9), Tambourine (12), Electric Bass (13), CW Electronic Keyer (14), TS2000 (14)

Kathleen Midón – Background Vocals (2,5)

Marcus Miller – Bass (4)

Dianne Reeves – Vocals (11)

Daniel Sadownick – Clave (5), Triangle (5,8,11), Shakers (5,8,11,12), Congas (8,11,12), Bell Tree (8), Cabasa (8), Cowbell (11,12), Jingle Stick (12), Agogô Bells (12), Caxixi (12)

Lizz Wright – Vocals (6)

Raul Midón

Don't Hesitate

Raul Midón’s pointedly titled new album Don’t Hesitate demonstrates why—a dozen years and eight albums into a recording career that’s won him massive critical acclaim and a passionately devoted international fan base—he remains one of his era’s most distinctive and beloved recording artists.

A smoothly expressive singer, an emotionally insightful songwriter and an exciting, innovative acoustic guitarist, Midón maintains an expansive musical vision that’s led People magazine to call him “an eclectic adventurist” and Huffington Post to dub him “a free man beyond category... he plays with such freedom and joy that his hands smile.” The New York Times described him as “a one-man band who turns a guitar into an orchestra and his voice into a chorus.” Billboard called him, simply and aptly, “a virtuoso.”

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