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Aaron Rimbui: Acoustic piano (11)

Andrea Lisa: Guitar (2,6); lead and backing vocals (6)

Afgan: Lead and backing vocals (4)

Asa: Lead and backing vocals (13)

Barry Likumahuwa: Electric bass (9)

Braylon Lacy: Bass guitar (10)

Brendan Reilly: Lead vocals (1); backing vocals (1,4)

Chris Carter: Keyboards (9)

Dr. Duda: Keyboards (3); programming (3)

DT Soul: Talkbox (10)

Erskine Hawkins: Clavinet (10), Electric piano (10)

Fred Jacquemin: Percussion (13)

Garry Goin: Electric guitar (8,9)

Ghetto Classics Orchestra

Gil Cang: Drums (13)

Grace Sahertian: Lead and backing vocals (12)

Idy: Electric bass (14)

Ikki: Taiko (14)

Jackie Clark: Electric bass (9);

James “Bishop” Sexton: Drums (9)

James McMillan: Keyboards (1-10,12-14); Percussion (1-6, 9); Programming (1-10,12-14); brass (3); trumpet (5,6,13); flugelhorn (5,6); valve trombone (5,6,13)

John Stoddart: Electric Piano (4-6); acoustic pianos (5); Minimoog (4); autoharp (4)

J’Something: Lead and backing vocals (3)

Kabelo Seleke: Tenor saxophone (3)

Kasiva Mutua: Percussion (7,8)

Keiko Matsui: Acoustic piano (2,8)

Kevin Turner: Guitar (10)

Kirk Whalum: tenor saxophone (1-8, 10-14); soprano saxophone (2, 9); baritone saxophone (8); sax-key percussion (13); flute (5); lead vocals (2, 10, 14); backing vocals (2, 6, 10, 14)

Liane Carroll: Lead vocals (5)

Lue: Taiko (14)

Maki: Background vocals (14)

Marcus Finnie: Drums (10)

Marcus Miller: Electric bass (9)

Mark Edwards: Piano (1)

Mark Jaimes: Guitar (1, 4-9); Bass (1, 6, 8, 11)

Marre and Kumiko Ishii: lead and backing vocals (14)

Mo-T: Trumpet (3)

Motoki: shamisen (14)

Naoya: alto saxophone (14)

Priscilla Jones-Campbell: Vocal ad-libs (2); backing vocals (2,6,7,12,13)

Robyn Troop: Lead vocals (2)

Ryosuke: keyboard (14)

Senzo Gabriel Mzimela: Trombone (3)

The Voices of Humanité: Choir vocals (2)

Tomoko: koto (14)

Tshepo Teddy Moloi: Guitars (3)

Westley Joseph: Drums (6,11)

Yuta: shakuhachi (14)

Zahara: lead and background vocals (7)

Kirk Whalum


Grammy® Award Winner and Global Recording Artist Kirk Whalum is ruminating on exactly when his eyes were opened to the big, beautiful world beyond his cloistered boyhood in Memphis, Tennessee. There, the minister’s son spent most of his time surrounded by family and friends, soaking up the soulful spirituality he found in gospel music in church. But inside, he knew he had the heart of a wanderer. 

Humanité is unlike any album Kirk has ever made – the synergistic result of encounters made and relationships formed onstage and off with some of the finest recording artists from all over the world. Kirk’s collaborators on the album include Japanese jazz pianist Keiko Matsui, the young bass phenomenon Barry Likumahuwa, gifted singer/songwriter Grace Sahertian and global pop star singer/actor Afgan, all hailing from Indonesia; vocalist/guitarist Zahara, one of South Africa’s biggest stars; Kasiva Mutwa of Nairobi; and the veteran UK jazz vocalist Liane Carroll, long considered by cognoscenti as one of the finest voices in the genre.

Kirk Whalum is in love. He’s in love with music. He’s in love with God. He’s in love with passing on his knowledge by educating and training our youth. He’s in love with languages. And he’s in love with his wife of over 30 years. Many decry a lack of role models for our youth to emulate, especially when it comes to men of color. They obviously haven’t met the humble Grammy® winning saxophonist. Many have been labeled as renaissance men, but Whalum is a bona fide renaissance man who gives his life and love to serving others through music, education, and by preaching The Word. This musician’s musician literally walks the talk. Spend a little time with the man who relishes life with romance and you will depart inspired, and yes, in love. Such is the intoxicating power of his passions.

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