Christmas Together

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Jonathan Butler: Guitar and Additional Programming (all); Vocals (1-2, 7-8, 10); Background Vocals (4); Bass (7)

Donald Hayes: Saxophones (1, 5); Flute (1, 5, 7); Horns & horn arrangements (5, 7); Additional Programming (1, 5)

Kurt Lykes: Background Vocals (1, 10)

Jodie Butler: Background Vocals (1, 10)

Dan Lutz: Bass (2, 4, 6, 9, 10)

Gorden Campbell: Drums (2, 4, 6, 9, 10)

The Kroma Ensemble String Quartet - Crystal Alforque: Violin (2)

Nadira Kimberly Scruggs-Butler: Violin (2)

Nikki Shorts: Viola (2)

Adrienne Woods: Cello (2, 8)

Nicole Neely: String Arranger (2)

Keiko Matsui: Acoustic Piano (3)

Dave Koz: Soprano Saxophone (4, 9)

Sheleá: Background Vocals (4) Vocals (7)

Ruslan Sirota: Acoustic Piano (4, 6, 8-10)

Marcus Anderson: Flutes (4, 9); Drum Programming, Keyboards, SFX (4); Saxophones (9)

Nicholas Cole: Drum Programming, Keyboards, SFX (4)

Gerald Albright: Alto & Tenor Saxophones (5)

Rick Braun: Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Percussion (6)

Nile Hargrove: Co-producer, Keys, Additional Programming (9)

Kirk Whalum: Flute, Soprano and Baritone Saxophones (10)

Stephen Oberheu: Sousaphone (10)

Jonathan Butler

Christmas Together

“This is my second Christmas album, but in many ways, I kind of feel like it’s my first,” says guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Butler, as he talks about his new album, Christmas Together, a collaboration with all-star friends, recorded and mixed in the studio he built in his home in Southern California. 

“Christmas is family and friends,” he continues. “It’s about being all together. So, I called my friends – all these amazing players – Sheléa, Dave Koz, Keiko Matsui, Kirk Whalum and so many others – and every one of them simply said, ‘Just say when you want me and where you want me and I’ll be there!’ They brought their love and their spirit into my home and I was honored.” We associate Christmas music with love and family, happiness and togetherness and Jonathan had that to spare.

A native of Cape Town, South Africa and the youngest in a family of 12 children, Jonathan Butler began singing and playing guitar at age seven. Well respected in the jazz and R&B fields, as well as the gospel arena with his iconic Grammy®-nominated hit “Falling In Love With Jesus,” Butler is one of the few artists who successfully and seamlessly blends the genres into his career and live shows. Butler signed his first record deal as a teen and became the first black artist played on white South African radio stations, winning a Sarie Award, the South African equivalent of a Grammy, for the hit single, “Please Stay.” Jonathan Butler lived in England for 17 years, and today makes his home in California, yet his artistry continues to pay homage to his African roots. 

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