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  • I Can Make That Happen

    Johnnie Bassett #: SLY3012 RELEASED: 06/18/12 info

    Guitarist Johnnie Bassett is a special bluesman, possessing a certain inspired individuality and skill set rarely found these days. For all his talent, Bassett has made just a handful of feature albums....Read More

  • Kenny Rankin Bundle

    Kenny Rankin #: Kenny Rankin Bundle RELEASED: 02/15/10 info

    Special Offer . We are offering your choice of titles for $9.98 each and, in a bundle, all 6 for $49!Read More

  • Mind Dusters

    Kenny Rankin #: SLY3005 RELEASED: 02/15/10 info

    The highlight of the album is Rankin's own composition, the inviting "Peaceful," which foreshadows his later work. While the long-out-of-print album only shows glimpses of his full abilities, it has a quaint,...Read More

  • Family

    Kenny Rankin #: SLY3006 RELEASED: 02/15/10 info

    Rankin's second release follows in the same musical direction as his debut. Again, there are fine covers of singer/songwriters of the late '60s, including reworkings of music from Gordon Lightfoot,...Read More

  • Like A Seed

    Kenny Rankin #: SLY3007 RELEASED: 02/15/10 info

    His reworking of "Peaceful" brought the song, and ultimately Rankin, a wider audience. The album eschews some of the preciousness of previous efforts and has a more universal appeal. Songs like the...Read More

  • Silver Morning

    Kenny Rankin #: SLY3008 RELEASED: 02/15/10 info

    Silver Morning ranks as one of the best and most representative albums of that time. Rankin does a fine job covering Gordon Lightfoot ("Pussywillows, Cat Tails"), but he really shines on his...Read More

  • Inside

    Kenny Rankin #: SLY3009 RELEASED: 02/15/10 info

    Perhaps his best album, Inside represents the peak of all the different skills Rankin brings to his music. "She's a Lady," "Creepin'," "Up From the Skies," "Lost up in Loving You" and ...Read More

  • The Kenny Rankin Album

    Kenny Rankin #: SLY3010 RELEASED: 02/15/10 info

    Enlisting the arranging talents of Don Costa, Rankin created a classic lush, romantic album: "Here's That Rainy Day," "When Sunny Gets Blue," "On and On," "Groovin" and his moody, heartfelt "While My...Read More

  • The Gentleman Is Back

    Johnnie Bassett #: SLY3003 RELEASED: 06/29/09 info

    “Hey fellas, I got a message for ya. Listen up...”That's the first thing Johnnie Bassett has to say on The Gentleman Is Back, the legendary Detroit guitarist and singer's new album ...Read More