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Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Ron Blake – Tenor Saxophone

Michael Cain – Piano

Regina Carter – Violin (6)

Jack DeJohnette – Drums (2,4,8,12,13)

Gilmar Gomes – Percussion (1,3,10)

Christian McBride – Acoustic Bass (5,11)

Ron Blake


Shayari is Ron Blake’s most comprehensive and compelling work to date. It is a recording that unveils all of the musical inventions and dimensions of this evolving artist who has inherited the wisdom of the masters, and has captured the attention of today’s young musicians.

Multi-talented saxophonist Ron Blake inhabits many worlds, and nowhere is this more apparent than on his third release for Mack Avenue, Shayari (shy-ree). Produced by pianist Michael Cain (who also appears on the CD), Shayari (the meaning, in Urdu, a type of ancient poetry consisting of couplets and a highly stylized form of verse considered extremely beautiful) combines fertile ground from each of Blake’s worlds to create an extraordinary landscape of its own. Showcased here in an intimate, unplugged, trio setting, the CD also features performances by special guests drummer Jack DeJohnette, bassist Christian McBride, violinist Regina Carter and percussionist Gilmar Gomes.

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