State Of Nature

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Tammi Brown – Vocals (8,14)

Tommy Brown – Additional Bass (8)

Ivan Conti (Mamão) – Drums (4)

Kenwood Dennard – Drums (7,10,12,13)

David Haynes – Drums (1,2,6,8,11,14)

Giovanna Imbesi – Piano (8), Keyboards (8)

Stanley Jordan – Guitar (1~8,10~14), Piano (2,6,7,9~12), Environmental Recording (3,7~9,14), Synthesizer (10,13), Sound Programming (13,14), Electric Piano (14)

Julia Jordan – Vocals (14)

Jay Kishor – Sitar (8,14)

Dudu Lima – Bass (4)

Vedang Longhe – Tablas (8)

Charnett Moffett – Bass (1,2,6~8,10~14)

Hartt Stearns – Percussion (3,8)

Ryan Turnage – Keyboards (13)

Meta Weiss – Cello (3,9,14)

Stanley Jordan

State Of Nature

Celebrated guitar virtuoso and now four time Grammy® nominee Stanley Jordan has consistently shown himself to be a musical visionary. This innovation was apparent the moment he electrified listeners with 1985's gold record ‘Magic Touch’ and it still resonates twenty years later with ‘State Of Nature,’ Jordan's first major release in over a decade and his debut for Mack Avenue Records.

In a career that took flight in 1985 with immediate commercial and critical acclaim, guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan has consistently displayed a chameleonic musical persona of openness, imagination, versatility, respect and maverick daring. Be it bold reinventions of classical masterpieces or soulful explorations through pop-rock hits, to blazing straight ahead jazz forays and ultramodern improvisational works—solo or with a group—Jordan can always be counted on to take listeners on breathless journeys into the unexpected.

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