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José Benito Meza Torres – Clarinet

Adam Cruz – Drums And Steelpan (1)

Ernesto Diaz – Congas

Amparo Edo Boil – French Horn

Jamey Haddad – Percussion

Barbara Laffitte – Oboe

Rudresh Mahanthappa – Alto Saxophone

Matt Marvuglio – Flute

Danilo Pérez – Acousti Piano, Fender Rhodes (10), Percussion (2), Melocica (5)

Margaret Phillips – Bassoon

Sara Serpa – Voice

Ben Street – Bass

Danilo Pérez


“This record is based on the idea that whatever we do has an impact in the universe,” Pérez says. “The word ‘providence,’ for me, means standing up for the future of the next generation of children.”

“We can ‘comprovise’ (spontaneous composition) with dense harmonic and melodic forms, but we can also explore the beauty of a simple harmony,” says Pérez. “And you can see the care each one of us put into the songs we brought in.”

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