Seeds From The Underground

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Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Rudy Bird – Bata, Percussion

Ronald Bruner – Drums

Kenny Garrett – Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Piano

Benito Gonzalez – Piano

Nedelka Prescod – Vocals

Nat Reeves – Bass

Kenny Garrett

Seeds From The Underground

The album highlights Garrett's overall approach to music: wide-ranging, receiving ideas from all musical sources and genres. Garrett states, "I love the challenge of trying to stay open...about music and about life.

Detroit-born Kenny Garrett is a five-time GRAMMY® Award-nominee and 2010 GRAMMY® Award-winner (as a member of Chick Corea’s and John McLaughlin’s co-led Five Peace Band), and the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from Berklee College of Music in 2011. “Records and concerts are about me taking people on the ride I want to take them on. It can be pretty ballads, some intensity, and then we can party!'

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