Sounds Of Space

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Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Santa Cecila Quartet – Flute, Oboe, French Horn, Bassoon (11)

Gaston Joya – Bass (2~4,7,9~11)

Francisco Mela – Drums (1,6)

Michael Olivera – Drums, Percussion (2~4,7,9~11)

Alfredo Rodríguez – Piano, Melodica (1)

Peter Slavov – Bass (1,6)

Ernesto Vega – Clarinet (7), Bass Clarinet (7), Soprano Saxophone (2,3,9,10)

Alfredo Rodriguez

Sounds Of Space

Sounds Of Space, the title of Cuban pianist and composer Alfredo Rodríguez’ debut recording, evokes images of science fiction. In truth, it’s about a far more personal adventure. “It’s about the space that surrounds us,” he explains. “In this record I wanted to introduce myself: here are the people, the places and the sounds that have surrounded me, and made me who I am.”

For those who know how to listen, time and distance offer a wealth of perspective. “When you live in your own country, you are immersed in that reality and you’re not necessarily conscious of all the different elements that make it what it is,” says Cuban pianist Alfredo Rodriguez, who moved to the United States in January 2009. "I breathed Cuban music. Being outside that reality gives me a different perspective. Creating and playing this music has been like finding out who I am, all over again."

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