Panama 500

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Brian Blade – Drums (2~4,9)

Rogério Boccato – Percussion (2,3,8)

Adam Cruz – Drums (1,5,8,11)

Roman Díaz – Percussion, Chant (1)

Alex Hargreaves – Violin (1,2,8)

John Patitucci – Electric Bass (2); Acoustic Bass (3,4,9)

Sachi Patitucci – Cello (3)

Danilo Pérez – Piano, Cowbell

Ben Street – Acoustic Bass (1,5,8,11)

Panama Personnel:

Milagros Blades – Repicador (1,7); Caja, Pujador (7)

Ricaurte Villarreal – Caja, Güiro (1)

Guna Musicians:

Eulogio Olaideginia Benítez – Gala Bissu [Similar To Kena], Gala Ildi [Similar To Zampoña] (4), Celebration Of Our Land In Guna Language Is Garga Ddole, Imitation Of 2 Birds (12)

José Ángel Colman – Vocals In Duele Gaya [Guna Language] (3)

José Antonio Hayans – Gammuburwi, Celebration Of Our Land/Garga Ddole, Imitation Of 2 Birds (12)

Marden Paniza – Director And Coordinator Of Guna Musicians, Author Of The Narrations [Texts Were Derived From The Collective Thinking Of The Guna Indigenous People]

Danilo Pérez

Panama 500

Panama 500 is Pérez’ most ambitious project to date, the furthest evolution yet of what the pianist/composer calls “three-dimensional music.”

“We can ‘comprovise’ (spontaneous composition) with dense harmonic and melodic forms, but we can also explore the beauty of a simple harmony,” says Pérez. “And you can see the care each one of us put into the songs we brought in.”

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