Pushing The World Away

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Marcus Baylor – Drums (1~3,5,6,9,12)

Jean Baylor – Vocals (9)

Ravi Best – Trumpet (3)

Rudy Bird – Percussion (3,5~7,9), Cymbals (8), Gong (8)

Vernell Brown – Piano (4,8,11,12)

Kenny Garrett – Alto Saxophone (1~7,9,11,12), Soprano Saxophone (8), Chant (8), Piano (10)

Benito Gonzalez – Piano (1,2,5~7,9,12)

Jen Herman – Viola (10)

Corcoran Holt – Bass (1~12)

Mcclenty Hunter – Drums (4,7,10,12)

Carolin Pook – Violin (10)

Brian Sanders – Cello (10)

Mark Whitfieldm, Jr. – Drums (8,11,12)

Kenny Garrett

Pushing The World Away

For his third Mack Avenue Records release, Pushing the World Away, alto/soprano saxophonist, composer/bandleader Kenny Garrett literally had to “push away” a steady flow of distractions to get to the inner core of the album, shifting priorities in his schedule and diving deep into the essence of the music.

Kenny Garrett’s latest release, Sounds from the Ancestors, is a multi-faceted album. The music, however, doesn’t lodge inside the tight confines of the jazz idiom, which is not surprising considering the alto saxophonist and composer acknowledges the likes of Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye as significant touchstones. Similar to how Miles Davis’ seminal LP, On the Corner, subverted its main guiding lights – James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone – then crafted its own unique, polyrhythmic, groove-laden, improv-heavy universe, Sounds from the Ancestors occupies its own space with intellectual clarity, sonic ingenuity and emotional heft.

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