Children of the Light

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Brian Blade - Drum Set, Chekeré (4)

John Patitucci - Acoustic Bass, 5-String Yamaha Electric Bass, 6-String Yamaha Semi-Hollow Electric Bass

Sachi Patitucci - Cello (8)

Danilo Pérez - Yamaha CFX Grand Piano, Yamaha CP4 Keyboard, Panamanian Drum (Pujador) (4)

Danilo Pérez

Pérez Patitucci Blade

Children of the Light

Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci and Brian Blade have been three quarters of the extraordinary Wayne Shorter Quartet for more than a decade. Since, they’ve also continued their individual careers as leaders of their own projects and groups. Now, on Children of the Light, they step forward as a trio for the first time with an imagination and fearlessness in their approach that defies the roles and ways of a trio in both obvious and subtle ways.

“We can ‘comprovise’ (spontaneous composition) with dense harmonic and melodic forms, but we can also explore the beauty of a simple harmony,” says Pérez. “And you can see the care each one of us put into the songs we brought in.”

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