Blood Moon

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Dave Bennett – clarinet

Dave Restivo – piano

Reg Schwager – guitar

Jim Vivian – bass

Pete Siers – drums

Davide DiRenzo – percussion

Dave Bennett

Blood Moon

“I have performed music written by other people for most of my career,” Dave Bennett says. “After 20 years of playing professionally, I am finally walking down my own path. A lot of songs on the album come from personal stories that may be a little dark or moody. Naming it Blood Moon makes a statement that this is completely different from anything I’ve done before. It has been the most fulfilling experience of my life, thus far.”

In the early days of jazz, the clarinet joined with trumpet and trombone to create the music's signature sound and it ruled the roost in the swing era, when jazz was America's popular music and dance-party soundtrack. If anyone can return the clarinet to its heyday, it's Dave Bennett, who fuses serious jazz improvisation with a host of modern pop influences.

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