Fade To Blue

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Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Scott Alberici – Clarinet (5~7)

Zeb Briskovich – Bass (1~11)

Tom Byrne – Guitar (2,5,7)

Montez Coleman – Drums (1~11)

Mardra Thomas – Vocals (1~4,6,7,10,11)

Reggie Thomas – Piano (1~11), Vocals (9)

Mardra & Reggie Thomas

Fade To Blue

“Fade To Blue opens another fertile chapter in a long line of jazz giants from east of the St. Louis Arch. Illinois natives Mardra & Reggie Thomas swing, serenade and ultimately seduce the seasoned listener in this debut recording. Their all-star aggregation includes bassist Zeb Briskovich, drummer Montez Coleman, clarinetist Scott Alberici and guitarist Tom Byrne.

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