When You're There

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Artwork| Tracklist | Credits

Alden Banta – Bassoon

Daniel Barnage – Conductor

Richard Boukas – Acoustic Guitar (1)

Zach Brock – Violin

Chris Cheek – Tenor & Soprano Saxophone

Tommy Crane – Drums

Cornelius Dufallo – Violin

Nicole Federici – Viola

Chris Hoffman – Cello

Ben Kono – Oboe & English Horn

Frank LoCrasto – Piano & Glockenspiel

Mike Moreno – Acoustic & Electric Bass

Becca Stevens – Vocals

Ben Street – Bass

Jeremy Viner – Clarinet

Kelly Watson – Flute & Alto Flute

Frank LoCrasto

When You're There

This is Frank LoCrasto and his debut release When You’re There. LoCrasto, a gifted pianist, composer and arranger, wrote all of the songs for this exceptional release. When You’re There features some outstanding musicians. The core band includes Chris Cheek, soprano and tenor saxophone; Mike Moreno, acoustic and electric guitar; Ben Street, bass; Tommy Crane, drums. In addition, vocalist Becca Stevens and guitarist Richard Boukas are each featured on a composition.

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