The Gospel According To Jazz Chapter III

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Aaron Broadus – Trumpet (3,15), Background Vocals (7~10)

Lenny Castro – Percussion (2,3,5~17)

George Duke - Piano (3,5,7,8,14), Electric Piano (10,11,15~17)

Antonio Hudson – Additional Horns & Trumpet (9,15,16)

The Joint Heirs – Background Vocals (17)

Sean Mccurley – Drums (2,3,5~17)

Paul Mckinney – Additional Horns & Trumpet (9,15,16)

Jerry Peters – Organ (8,13,15,16)

Doc Powell - Electric Guitar (5,7,8,10,12~17)

John Stoddart – Keyboards (5,7,8,10~17), Lead & Background Vocals (7,8), Additional Keyboards (7), Computer Programming (7,10~17), Piano (9), Background Vocals (9,10), String Arrangement (12,14)

Caleb Tha Bridge - Rap Vocal (8)

Reginald Veal – Upright Bass (3,5,6,9,12~16)

Hugh “Peanuts” Whalum - Tenor Saxophone (2)

Kirk Whalum - Tenor Saxophone (1~3,6~9,11~17), Soprano Saxophone (5,9,10), Flute (9)

Kyle Whalum - Electric Bass (5,7,8,10,11,17)

Kevin Whalum – Background Vocals (7~10,12), Lead Vocals (12)

Kortland Whalum – Background Vocals (7~10)

Kenneth Whalum, III - Tenor Saxophone (2)

Kirk Whalum

The Gospel According To Jazz Chapter III

The Gospel According to Jazz, Chapter III, in all its breath and breadth, plaintive wailing saxophones, deep and rich harmonies, sensual romance, delightful humor, artful space, and awesome beauty tells Kirk Whalum's story in a way no other music can.

Kirk Whalum is in love. He’s in love with music. He’s in love with God. He’s in love with passing on his knowledge by educating and training our youth. He’s in love with languages. And he’s in love with his wife of over 30 years. Many decry a lack of role models for our youth to emulate, especially when it comes to men of color. They obviously haven’t met the humble Grammy® winning saxophonist. Many have been labeled as renaissance men, but Whalum is a bona fide renaissance man who gives his life and love to serving others through music, education, and by preaching The Word. This musician’s musician literally walks the talk. Spend a little time with the man who relishes life with romance and you will depart inspired, and yes, in love. Such is the intoxicating power of his passions.

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