The Gentleman Is Back

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Johnnie Bassett – Guitar And Vocals

Mark Byerly – Trumpet (1~6,8,10,11)

Chris Codish – Piano (2~4,9,11), Hammond Organ (3~7,9), Wurlitzer Electric Piano (1,5,8), Vocals (2)

Sean Dobbins – Drums (10)

Bob Jensen – Trumpet (1,3,4,8,11)

Keith Kaminski – Tenor, Alto And Baritone Saxophone (1~6,8,10,11)

Duncan McMillan – Hammond Organ (8,10)

James Morris – Pedal Steel Guitar (9)

John Rutherford – Trombone (1,3,4,6,8,11)

James Simonson – Electric And Acoustic Bass (1~9,11)

Skeeto Valdez – Drums (1~9,11)

Johnnie Bassett

The Gentleman Is Back

“Hey fellas, I got a message for ya. Listen up...”

That's the first thing Johnnie Bassett has to say on The Gentleman Is Back, the legendary Detroit guitarist and singer's new album — just before he delivers the lightly stinging licks that are his playing trademark.

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