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  • Big Band Bundle

    Gerald Wilson #: MCH0203 RELEASED: 05/13/21 info

    Bring Home: John Beasley MONK'estra Plays John Beasley and John Beasley Presents MONK'estra Vol. 1, Christian McBride Big Band Bringin' It and For Jimmy, Wes and Oliver, Gerald Wilson Orchestra New York, New...   Read More

  • Legacy

    Gerald Wilson #: MAC1056 RELEASED: 06/20/11 info

    Gerald Wilson, jazz’s reigning composer/orchestrator pays homage to his adopted hometown, Chicago on his fifth Mack Avenue Records release, Legacy. Composers Igor Stravinsky and Giacomo Puccini also receive Wilson’s...   Read More

  • Detroit

    Gerald Wilson #: MAC1049 RELEASED: 09/28/09 info

    Greatest living jazz orchestral composer releases Detroit, a six-part suite commissioned by the Detroit International Jazz Festival, and Wilson’s fourth release on Mack Avenue Records.   Read More

  • Monterey Moods

    Gerald Wilson #: MAC1039 RELEASED: 09/24/07 info

    For the 20th annual festival in 1977, founder Jimmy Lyons asked Wilson to compose an extended work, “Happy Birthday Monterey.” Gerald followed that with “Theme For Monterey” for the 1997 festival (which was nominated...   Read More

  • In My Time

    Gerald Wilson #: MAC1025 RELEASED: 09/26/05 info

    Six time Grammy nominee Gerald Wilson is truly one of jazz's greatest statesmen. With "In My Time" he has created another musical triumph in his esteemed legacy, and does so with undeniable...   Read More

  • New York, New Sound

    Gerald Wilson #: MAC1009 RELEASED: 08/25/03 info

    For "New York, New Sound", the only non-laid back resident of L.A. was in a New York state of mind, and came up with a session that sounds like it was...   Read More